Jacque Fresco: Future by Design

Jacques Fresco is an engineer, inventor, futurist and visionary. I believe his name will eventually become commonly known years after his passing. Future By Design (torrent) is a documentary film about the work and ideas of Jacque Fresco. Fresco has a fairly coherent vision for the transition of our civilisation to a prosperous and harmonious Type I civilisation. Mostly this involves education and culturally focusing humanity towards embracing and shaping technology to take care of our living needs, so that we might be free to pursue the higher goals. The DVD currently available on the Venus Project's website contains a book, Designing the Future.

He does not have all the answers nor does he propose that he will make a Utopia. He claims only that his ideas are a far better direction that the one in which we are currently headed. He takes a rational, analytical engineering approach towards designing an economy and infrastructure which automatically satisfies the basic needs of humanity in a sustainable way. A must see.


Ron Paul News Blog

Ron Paul's Campaign has been picking up momentum. Unfortunately he is still way too far behind Guiliani for the moment. That aside, Ron Paul News is a great new blog tracking the best Presidential candidate to come forth in generations.

Incidentally, I have donated 50 USD to Paul's campaign as a small token of my support.


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