Google Email Hosting

Everyone knows and likes gmail, however did you know that google is also freely hosting the email accounts of other domains. My small business has started utilising this service and I recommend it for everyone who wants the power and convenience of gmail for their other email accounts. Like everything google does, the service is still in "beta testing."


American Torture of Prisoners

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons."
           -Fyodor Dostoevsky
Channel4 4-part documentary (torrent) on torture. The American Military's treatment of prisoners is illegal, inhuman, immoral, and ultimately self-destructive. Those responsible for its authorisation or execution should one day be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in an international criminal court.



I have loaded all the podcasts to which I subscribe to Google Base. The page will be updated regularly.


Worth a Read

Brad Delong's latest post really is 'Worth Reading.' In fact, most of his posts are.


The Running

For those who wish to track and improve their long distance running, CoolRunnings is a useful website. In a brilliant use of Google Maps technology, Gmaps Pedometer allows the plotting of running routes complete with elevation mapping and rough calorie estimation. As with American food labels, a calorie here actually refers to a kilocalorie.

If you happen to own an iPod Nano, you can benefit from the new accelerometer technology regardless of whether you own a pair of Nikes.


Powers of Ten

'Powers of Ten' is a 9 minute documentary produced 1977. It is an excellent and concise exploration of the meaning of exponential scales, and relative sizes. As a child, I saw this film in a Smithsonian Exhibit and it left an indelible impression. I was pleased today to see the torrent on TorrentSpy. Enjoy!


Something to Watch

Google Video has improved itself by adding more free content, most importantly 'Charlie Rose.' This might not last. I strongly recommend watching this interview with Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates by Charlie Rose.