Annular Eclipse

As in an Annulus or Ring. Today features the longest annular solar eclipse for the next 1 k years.


Our Review of Avatar

Watching Avatar in 3D was an incredible experience. Avatar seems 10 years ahead of its time in terms of technology and effects. In terms of story, it was refreshing to see a major film so blatantly subversive towards the status quo of military imperialism and corporate environmental destruction. James Cameron has demonstrated that the traditional theatre must adapt and push the envelope of what is possible to stay relevant. Audiences will pay.



Technocalyps is the most detailed documentary I have seen yet on the topic of the coming Transhuman revolution. While the mainstream is obsessed with the usual tired propaganda, distraction, and manipulation, scientists are moving forward in building our post-human future. Issues of science, technological progress, environmental change and humanity's role therein should be at the forefront of cultural awareness.

As Bruce Sterling points out in the film:
It is important to realize that [Posthumanity] is not the end of history. It does not solve all our problems. It just creates new problems and this is going to intensify...Posthumanity does't liberate you from yourself, it makes you more than you were before...You are just going to have more power..When you have more power you have more responsibility not less.

Technocalyps can be found on Google Video and preferably on the Torrent Networks.


Alex Jones Reviews Avatar

Alex Jones is a man with a perspective worth understanding. His review of Avatar succinctly expresses many of his fears about the direction society is heading. In his mind, Elites, Corporations, and Environmentalists are collaborating to depopulate the planet and subjugate those remaining. His vision may not be too far from the mark. Humanity needs to properly understand and address the forces at work which could bring about the next depopulation event, be it from nature or human design.