Age of Intelligent Machines

I just watched a talk Terence McKenna gave in 1999 entitled "Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines." This is a very insightful perpective on the potential future interaction between human consciousness and emergent Superintelligent Machines created by human intelligence. McKenna has been strongly influenced by psilocybin from personal experience as well as historical and anthropological research on its influnce on ancient human cultures. His traditional wisdom provides a unique perspective into the technology dominated future of our descendants. Unfortunately, the editor of the video superimposed often distracting visuals over the image of McKenna speaking for much of the video.

It may make more sense avec, but I was able to appreciate this talk sans drogue.

*Update* For those interested in the topic of Transhumanism and Superintelligence: check out Nick Bostrum and Ray Kurtzweil.

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