American Torture of Prisoners

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons."
           -Fyodor Dostoevsky
Channel4 4-part documentary (torrent) on torture. The American Military's treatment of prisoners is illegal, inhuman, immoral, and ultimately self-destructive. Those responsible for its authorisation or execution should one day be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in an international criminal court.


Candide said...

Just this morning on NPR there was a discussion of Bush's outrageous use of "signing statements", one of which was attached to the ban on torture.

"...Bush's signing statement on Dec. 30, 2005, reserved the right to waive the torture ban if he concluded that some harsh interrogation techniques could advance anti-terrorism efforts" (from a Washington Post article, though there is no lack of documentation of this heinous act).

Frightening what that says about our civilization.

I agree that those responsible should be charged with crimes against humanity. A good place to start is ImpeachBush.org

Candide said...

One can also act against torture through these links to Amnesty International USA and Amnesty International. I recommend signing up with them - they make it very easy for even the busiest of people to take action on human rights abuses around the globe.

Anonymous said...
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