This article in wired argues that psychopathy deserves more respect and sympathy as is currently granted other mental disorders such as schizophrenia. I have known a few psychopaths in my day, and have witnessed how quickly the rest of society will shun them once the word gets out about their condition. Indeed, we all know how "psycho" is used in common parlance as a derogatory term.

However, let us not forget that psychopathy, which implies a lack of empathy for other people, can make a person potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, many such people also tend to rise quickly in corporate or political situations and so their destructive potential can be multiplied. Organisations should put significant effort into preventing people with such untreated conditions from gaining positions of authority over others.


Tim said...

I like the photo of the boss from 'The Office' in the BBC article. I remember from the series that he always thought of himself as a 'spiritual guide.'

Diana Chavlah said...

Arent' we all abit crazy in a way? Of course there is a limitation to what's normally crazy and what's crazy crazy. Just as long as we don't crawl for the crazy people. You see, they've already taken over the world they'd never publish this article back in the 60's