The Seeds of Revolution

If anything could destabilise the French state and lead ultimately to la 6eme République, it is the restriction of tobacco consumption. French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has announced just such a move in new policies designed to ban tobacco consumption in certain public locations. Vive la Revolution!

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Tim said...

Aux armes citoyens!
I think that this law is a good move in terms of improving public health and reducing healthcare costs, but it really does tell you something about modern French society when the simple act of having a cigarette and a cafe will be illegal. It just seems antithetical to the French lifestlye, la bonne vie.
I wonder what will happen to the venerable cafe culture in France after this legislation goes into effect. I'd be willing to bet that you won't see any more great French thinkers in the spirit of Satre, Camus, etc.
Perhaps the classic French expression of defiance can be amended to read:
J'y suis, J'y reste, Je fume!