Johnny Hallyday

French music legend, Johnny Hallyday, has decided to leave his Fatherland to live in Switzerland. Hallyday's sole reason: he is fed up with the cut-throat tax structure in France. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." The general socialist attitude particularly pronounced among the French is one of contempt for people of wealth. In addition to taxes on income, citoyens are taxed again on aggregate wealth. I am reminded of Ayn Rand's endless ranting novel 'Atlas Shrugged' in which the wealthy and productive captains of industry, disillusioned with the contempt the socialist society has for them and unwilling to watch all of their fortunes nationalised, bankrupt their industries which underpin the economy and escape to a mountain fortress to live in libertarian peace. Charles Bremner's say.

See also the classic Tom Baker 'Doctor Who' episode 'The Sun Makers.'

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Timothy said...

The Sun Makers is a great episode.
There are so many good lines. As an added bonus, Leela looks great! Some of my favorites quotes:

These taxes, they are like sacrifices to tribal gods? -Leela
Well, roughly speaking. -The Doctor

Compassion is a noble thing, also costly. -The Gatherer

He can't make ends meet. Probably too many economists in the government. -The Doctor