Air Traffic

Last weekend I was one of the unhappy passengers to be screwed by the JetBlue fiasco. Hopefully I will be compensated and the company will improve.

On another note, FlightAware is a useful website which tracks and displays US air traffic information. Maps are available showing all airborne planes and flight paths for public airlines.


Diana said...

Honnestly, low price flight companies are to be thanked. in anicent time, when you either had to be a celebrity of rich in order to fly is passed by; today you'll find tickets for a price that are affordable for almost everyone. The problem is though the service. even if the prices are low, the service has to be ok in order for the companies to survive. When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. - Thomas Jefferson
you can change the word "government" with companies in the above expression.

Pace said...

Diana, that is a great TJ quote. Thanks, and you are correct that low cost carriers and their competition to serve a public with choice makes us vastly more wealthy than every generation before us.

Competition is good, and I hope JetBlue will remain a trusted competitor rather than an abysmal lying failure.