Following up my rant about television news, I find CNN a worthless platform for infotainment. With so much trouble in the World they will not report, I find their assertion of being a news organisation offensive. It is not even funny, typically relying upon shock, fear, and anger as its hook to sell adverts. I question Google's default link to CNN on their personalised page. If infotainment is what you seek, at least watch Colbert or read the Onion before you turn on CNN. WTF CNN seems like a great blog elucidating the absurdity of CNN and is at least distilled comedic infotainment. Video of Jon Stewart's legendary appearance on CNN's Crossfire.

Thanks to Meredith for the link.


Diana said...

First of all,I thought the title WTF CNN=what the fuck CNN was interesting :)

I am not surprised about major magazines and their gossips on the frontpages that are shown.Just a couple of years ago, maybe 2004, they would never even mention the death of Anna Nicole Smith. My theory is that woman watch CNN news and read Times magazine,so they have to put gossips, since people obviously read them. Thank god we still haven't lost "the economist"

Pace said...

I think you may be right about the female audience point, although CNN and the other infotainment/propaganda machines also put out plenty of inane stories appealing to men as well.

I know it is paternalistic of me, but in a way people, especially Americans who have a culture of excessive comfort, really need to have a proper education and proper news media crammed down their throats. Americans usually cannot find other countries on a map unless they are currently at war with that country and I do not think it is a terrible exageration.

If people were living in 'Brave New World' where only educated elite alphas made the decisions, then it would not matter much if the people were educated. However the power to vote implies the responsibility to vote wisely. Just as in computer programming: Garbage in - Garbage out. That is where we stand today.

I agree with you though, Thank God for the Economist.

Pace said...

I just wish more people were reading it.