The title to this blog is allegedly a key to the new HD DVD encryption. Previous Post. Since its publication has caused great controversy, I thought I would help raise awareness on the issue. I am curious to see if the title of this post elicits a "Cease and Desist" response from AACS or a forced takedown from Google.

Incidentally, I believe I previously posted about the cracking of the Blue Ray format, but now that post seems to be missing. I believe that it was removed by Google without my consent or notification. I cannot blame them for avoiding any potential legal exposure, but notification at least would be appreciated.

Limiting users access to media content is at best difficult. Anything which must ultimately be decoded into a form suitable for human comprehension is extremely easy to crack, replicate, or circumvent. Intellectual Property is in general overprotected by International law (and especially US law) beyond a socially beneficial level. In light of tecnological advances, a newer subscription/taxation/library model for content remuneration bolstered by demand measurement mechanisms would be far fairer and more effective than the current model of imposed artificial monopolies over otherwise free, infinitely reproducable media.

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