It took me a while to find a decent website for weather. Weather.com is owned by the weather channel and is mostly spam from what I can see. Sadly, this is where I would often go when I needed some weather information. Intellicast.com on the other hand is a great site. No advertising, global content, and readily-accessible multifactor weather forecasts. If you know of some other good weather sites, by all means share with the group.


Nomad said...

I would also recommend www.noaa.gov, which (to be honest) is essentially where everyone else gets their weather from anyway.

The BBC weather website is actually pretty terrible, it never recognizes any of the locations (outside of the UK) entered into their search engine. An independent inquiry into the bias of the BBC has called them out on their weather services.

Timothy said...

Could I interest you in a C. Crane radio with NOAA weather alerts?

Pace said...

NOAA clearly has a vast amount of multivariate weatherdata, but I have been displeased with the format of that data and navigation on the site. I tend to just want to see some simple forecast, a temperature map, precipitation map with one week forcasting.