Robert Hanson on Intellectual Property

Robert Hanson, GWT developer and author of the well regarded guide GWT in Action, has a great new post on his blog. He shares the practical viewpoint with the rest of the rational and uncorrupted world that piracy is generally a good and inevitable phenomenon and that Open Source is generally the best model to develop software not just in the aggregate, but also for specific customers. He rightly chastises those who follow the closed-source model of development. Furthermore this post explains the usefulness to Java developers of the JAD Eclipse plugin. Since Hanson praises piracy, it is worth noting that his book is available on several torrent networks.


Robert Hanson said...

I don't believe that I "praise" piracy as you stated, instead I believe it is unpreventable. That fact should be included in any business plan.

I *do* believe that DRM is counter productive and a wastes resources in a company that could otherwise be productive.

Pace said...

I suppose I was projecting a bit.