Virgin America Inaugural Flight

For too long, American air travel has been dominated by behemoth, union-dominated, subsidised monsters which offer generally poor service all around including flight attendance. Even State airlines from socialist countries are consistently better. Virgin America gives great hope to the future of domestic airline travel in the United States in terms of both quality and competition. The San Francisco based airline has taken its inaugural flight as documented by Engaget.


Diana said...

the problem most air craft companies who were used to get governmental subventions without any compeption is that they still live in that are. times change, the flight attendent who go on strike every year because of stupid excuses are used to the good old times when they didn't have to do anything. they were in a monopoly system and got gov. support! that superb. Being a fligt attendent today is not the luxourioius shitty job it used to be; their close are just slightly sexier that the clothes the cashier wear in the local supermarket.

I hope you get ryan air!

Pace said...

We need RyanAir, but the US is protectionist and makes it very difficult for competent foreigners to enter the market. Virgin got really lucky or was smart enough to pay off the right people to make this happen.