Media Centres

Tonight we were introduced to LinuxMCE, a slick Computer Media Interface. We will update this post with further details, but what was really novel was to see a WiiMote configured to control LinuxMCE. WiiMotes cost about $30 USD versus $100 USD for an equivalent Bluetooth Remote Product.

Another good programme to consider is XBMC.

Lastly, the very impressive PS3 seems to do everything under the sun in Media Centre Entertainment, including the most powerful gaming console around, for $300 USD.

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Thom said...

Thank you for your blog post on LinuxMCE. We are very proud of it.

I am one of the core developers of LinuxMCE, and we are trying very hard to get the beta of our next release completed so we can push to release the latest version of the software, which has many new changes, and is the first release to be built entirely by the F/OSS community surrounding LinuxMCE.

It is worth noting, that we are much more than a media center, and prefer to think of ourselves as a smart home platform, not only comprising the media aspects, but also full control of any AV device, as well as lighting, climate, telecom, and security system features all under one system, which simply is not available anywhere else on the planet.

We are always on the look out for more users, and developers, so blogs like this put a smile on my face. Again, thank you.