Google Radio?

As I woke up this morning out of a dream in which I was living in the 1940's listening to World War II broadcasts, I suddenly realised how absurd it was that that radio stations archives were not readily accessible to everyone on the Internet. Audio does not take up tremendous storage capacity, so radio broadcasts should be accessible back to the origins of radio, and playable today contiguous with the other programmes of the day just as it would have been heard at the time of original broadcast. This could be done easily with RSS or Podcasting. I call on the major information indexing services Google, Yahoo, and the dying Microsoft to implement this technology as soon as possible for their own benefit and the enrichment of all humanity. Furthermore, the audio data must be downloadable in compressed audio format such as mp3, not some absurd streaming format.

Let's get with the programme.


Timothy said...

I like that idea. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that service soon. Radio is a great medium- it's really the theatre of the mind.

Diana Chavlah said...

the problem is probably not the space the program takes but the time it takes to administrate all this things. They should hire people from poland who can do it cheap. you'll be happy, the channel will be happy, the advitisors will be happy and the polish worker will be happy. Everyone will simply be happy :)

Timothy said...

Could be a first step toward google radioarticle