Web 2.0

I actually hate this term coined by software publishing mogul, Tim O'Reiley, but I like the concept. Cyberpanopticon provides a link to a useful compendium of popular Web 2.0 sites.

Secondly, one of the sites listed was for the Google Web Toolkit. With this toolkit, coding Web 2.0 AJAX sites is much easier through Java wrappers. I only just discovered this, but I plan to spend significant time making use of it.

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Timothy said...

Pace, I share your sentiments about the term Web 2.0. It's really an outdated term, and it does not describe the nature of the Internet: it's not 1985 and the Internet is not a piece of software in a box.
Furtermore, we don't have to wait around for lumbering software companies to produce the latest version of their proprietary software in a box- we can now create our own software, websites, blogs, video, etc.
At first, the Internet was a computer network, now it is increasing becoming a human network. This is the next generation of the internet(Web TNG, perhaps?).

I think I'll expand on this issue on my blog.