Language Skills

As a 5th Generation American currently living in the USA among other such people, my language skills are severely limited along with my opportunities to practice languages I have studied.

I would like to share a torrent found on BitMe. This is French in Action, a series funded by the Annenberg CPB project, Yale University, and WGBH Boston. This is an "immersion" course, entirely en français, which effectively utilises the power of video to provide dynamic and varied content in an entertaining and well paced fashiong, making for a highly effective learning tool. En plus, J'ai apprécié bien le rôle de Mireille. You can stream these off the Learner.org, but I recommend torrenting it (laws and licenses permitting). I have a strong aversion to streaming media. Trusted acquaintances can hit me up for access to BitMe.

I have explored several online translation dictionaries. So far for French-English-Spanish, WordReference.com is the best. For Mandarin Chinese, zhongwen.com is a powerful resource.

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