Software Recommendation: µTorrent

I am a longtime fan of the BitTorrent client Azureus. It has the advantages that it is written in java and so will run on any OS platform and is extremely flexible with a plethora of plugins available. I had seen µTorrent before and I liked its interface and its simplicity. However despite its claim for using few resources my initiall experience with it did not live up to expectation. In addition I use the SafePeer plugin for Azureus and wanted to stick with a program available under Linux. That all changed last weekend when I gave µTorrent another shot on my new computer. This time it did live up to expectation. µTorrent, available only for M$ Windows, runs off just a single 154 kB executable; no other files exist for the programme. It has a very clean interface and so far after normal use (right now downloading 5 GB of files) has not exceeded 6.4 MB of memory usage on my system (currently 4.6 MB). Azureus, in contrast, typically occupies 80-120 MB of resources on my system. µTorrent is my new favourite BitTorrent client.

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