NASA Software

Many people know about Google Earth. Fewer have heard of Google Moon and Mars. However, not very many people have heard of NASA World Wind. World Wind is not as useful for city data or driving directions. It does provide a more sophisticated 3D engine, more satellite data, and more choice than Google Earth in terms of modding. It is also Open Source. In addition, World Wind comes with Moon, Mars, and Sloan Digital Sky Survey engine with a similarly large selection of satellite data. All of these programmes require a high speed internet connexion. In an unfortunate move, NASA WW is only available for M$ Windows; Google Earth has a Mac beta.

Using the NASA Mars engine, one realises the incredible scientific value that Mars probes have brought us despite the failures. It seems clear to me that funding to Mars and Moon probes should be increased. Robots made of silicon and metal can perform reasonably well in those environments. The logic escapes me of diverting resources from useful science to send human being to Mars probably to die.

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