The "Theory of Evolution" describes for all intents and purposes a scientific certainty as nearly as one exists. Charles Darwin through persistence and brilliance elucidated undeniably and nearly completely the existential mysteries of sex, competition, the variety and complexity of life on Earth and in turn our own ancestral origins.

The "Theory of Intelligent Design" is simply not science, and is designed as a means to confuse and manipulate ignorant, weak-minded individuals from understanding the truth of their origins and that of all complex life. It is quite sad that in the 21st century, Scientific Authorities waste their valuable time responding to such nonsense. They are compelled as a reaction to the moves by rulers and politicians in many countries to teach or promote the so called "Intelligent Design" theory. Not surprisingly, the infamous George Walker Bush promotes the teaching of I.D. in schools. Any political or educational leader is not deserving of authority who seeks to poison or befuddle the minds of the masses, particularly the young, with ignorant, fundamentalist dogma to the detriment of a proper understanding of firmly established scientific fact. Any religious doctrine contradicted by undeniable scientific evidence must be either revised or dismissed as mythology and tradition rather than lauded as fact. Furthermore, it is the moral responsibility of society's leaders to ensure basic science is taught to all and taught correctly.

The 7 part PBS series on Evolution does a good job of properly explaining Charles Darwin's elegant theory. Those like me, annoyed by the mere mention of I.D, should not watch the last part as it focuses on the backward Fundamentalist Creationist beliefs of large swathes of the US population.

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