This BBC article could be sensationalistic reporting taken way out of context. I pray that flag officers in the US military who control $0.5 trillion to wage global warfare and martial occupation would not be so fanatic, inhuman, and ignorant as suggested by the quotes contained therein. Either way, maybe now that there has been a particularly shocking event of self-disciple, devotion, or desperation, Americans can "galvanise" and take the mass psychic action needed to stop the illegal and unethical mistreatment of military prisoners. I would not presume to dream at this stage for all out prison reform where needed. From what I understand, Scandinavia is the only place which treats prisoners humanely.

Regarding treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo, besides the obvious physical and mental torture, prisoners are also force-fed. In a clear breach of medical ethics, doctors and nurses carry out these procedures as authorised by the military. Accusations have been made that unqualified soldiers are also performing the forced tube-feeding on hunger striking prisoners.

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