Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Last Week, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft or M$ for short. This has been lauded as an intelligent move to breathe new life into the ailing former monopoly. More importantly, it gives Bill Gates the time needed to spend the vast sums of wealth he has accumulated over the years. Despite the recent decline of Leviathan, Bill Gates has by all measures done an excellent job at doing what the vast majority of companies are designed to do: maximise profits for their shareholders. I have faith that Bill Gates will use his extraordinary talents to do more good with his life and his foundation than he caused setbacks with his Evil Empire.

On a related note, today I read this article describing the way Angelina Jolie is spending her time. Normally I would not even click on any link with her name, but today the spirit moved me. I was very pleased to read about the large sums she has given to charity and her attempts to use her celebrity to divert attention away from her lover and child to raising awareness about the plight of sub-Saharan Africans. The article also stresses the important point that the press corps of this World is completely inept and self-serving. Most developed countries allow in their constitutions protections for the press. However, a press that cares more about one actress' healthy baby more that the plagues of disease, poverty, and internecine conflict affecting hundreds of millions of people deserves no such fundamental legal protection for they only serve to further impoverish society.

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