Tax Reform in Sverige

In both a symbolic and truly effective move, the Swedish government plans to eliminate the wealth tax which encourages successful Swedes to shelter their money in other countries, or move entirely as in the case of Johnny Hallyday from France. In a world of capital mobility, this can only be a positive move for the Swedish economy.

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Diana said...

you're sooo right about the tax. I was happy with the new government in september when we changed from the social democrats to the right wing collaboration (remember that right in europe is differnt from right in the states). But right now, when the result is showing; I'm not as happy as I was in September. I did vote for a liberal option, but I got a green one instead. while waiting for some place to complain about my vote; I guess that this liberal option is in the end better than the social one.

I still pay 29 % tax my friend instead of the 32%.