Augmented Reality and other Smartphone News

We've been holding out on buying a smart phone given the rapid acceleration taking place. Some of the applications we have seen are quite impressive. Here is one: Wikitude. Wikitude takes GPS and phone camera input, and overlays points of interest on the image.

By the way, if you check out the Recommended Stories section, you will see more reasons NOT to get an iPhone. Once again, Apple's insistence on running their users' lives drags down the company. Apple has banned an application which remotely administers legal torrent software, and now has also banned the Electronic Freedom Frontier's RSS application because they linked to a parody video Apple found potentially politically incorrect.

Information Technology in a Free Society should be used to enable Free Speech and Expression. We can not abide a company with such anti-human business practices, unless compelled by an oppressive regime as in Israel, Iran, or Zhong Guo. A California based company protected by the US Bill of Rights has no such excuse. We posit that in a well regulated market, such suppressions themselves would be illegal. In the meantime, boycott Apple.

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Nomad said...

Oh, Apple and their closed garden...the things that they can get away with because of the fanatical brand loyalty that they've built up.

Unfortunately, I don't think boycotting Apple will do much good. It is not meant for the masses in any case, but for self-proclaimed Apple elites. Officially boycotting them would only reinforce their self-importance.

My parents recently broke down and bought a Mac laptop for my sister, with it being at least 50% more expensive than an almost indentical PC laptop. It sounded like a born-again experience: they basically couldn't handle the personal responsibilty that comes with choice, and surrendered to Apple telling them that everything would be figured out for them, and not to worry. In part this had to do with them looking for laptops at Best Buy (which legitimately sucks) and then going to the Apple store. Clever marketing claims a few more converts...