Galapagos Tourism

Respect the nature of the Galapagos and the importance it had in informing Evolutionary Science, by never going there. Policymakers should strictly limit the number of allowed visitors or residents through licensing and taxation, and give collected rents to foundations which protect other nature preserves.

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Nomad said...

Agreed! Unfortunately, my dear current employer makes a fair bit of side money selling package trips to the Galapagos to idiotic, well-meaning upper middle class (largely female) white Americans between the ages of 18 and 25. They're the ones attempting to learn Spanish by going to a language school in Quito, and then make themselves feel better by doing a volunteer project in Ecuador for about 2 days.

Ecuador should cap and trade the number of visitors. Have a set number of permits that can be auctioned to the highest bidder (withholding another set amount for scientific researchers). Unfortunately, rumors that they will do something like this are causing a flood of American and European tourists to the islands "while they still have the chance". It's a bit like a run on a pegged currency before a rumored devaluation...