The Google God

Tonight's discourse:

Pace: I really think once people realise the efficiency, many will start programming to the Google Ap engine

Consigliere: uuuuuuuuuugh
that's a TERRIBLE idea
we already have one giant fucking monolith, i.e. Microsoft
why would we want to trade one for another?
the last thing the web needs is a single point of failure, like if google goes down and takes everybody's webapps with it

Pace: they are at least better than M$ - should theoretically still be reployable elsewhere without too much modification

Consigliere: they're only tbetter than M$ at the moment b/c htey';re not as big/dominant
but they certainly will become so
and there's a huge difference between "theoretically" and "in realitiy"

Pace: they do support open source though

Consigliere: it doesn't matter
I"m glad they do
but it'd still be a single point of failure

Pace: agreed

Consigliere: and god only knows what they'd do with all that data once they had it

Pace: they would become God

Consigliere: yeah, but a God beholden to capitalist shareholders

Pace: yes

Consigliere: it woudl be very Old Testament

Pace: haha

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